2021 F1 Foil - SL series

2021 F1 Foil - SL series

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F1 SL line

9.0 and 8.0 are the slalom sizes for foiling. Meeting the Pwa requests where foiling will be run on a slalom foil courses in suitable foil conditions. The sail derives from the base of our AC-One, Pwa world champions slalom sail.

Both sizes can be rigged on 490 masts and standard extensions to simplify the integrated components. On the 9.0 the 520 can be also used for super light wind extreme extra edge.

The original front deep profile from the AC-One is kept the same but with a different batten set up, to flatten out profile where not needed one the exiting edge. 7 battens, 3cams are now a trademark in the Point-7 racing sails.
The outline is high aspect, having a shorter boom than a slalom sail, longer luff and a shorter lower base, cut to fit fast jibing, and sailing also with a normal fin and slalom board.
The mast sleeve is kept wide under the boom for maximum stability and drive in light wind, while over the boom the mast sleeves narrows down a lot to have a lighter weight feeling, less extra downforce and better maneuverability when flying.

Can this sail be used for Slalom sailing on a normal slalom board? Both 8.0 and 9.0 can be used on 80cm or wider slalom boards as a compromise. Our AC-One remain our pure dedicated pure Slalom sail.