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Founded in 2007 by Andrea Cucchi In Italy, Andrea was always involved in the windsurfing starting from his professional career as a pro rider where he obtain 13 national champion titles and 2 world titles.

Point-7 is based in Italy and is fast becoming known as one of the most innovative and stylish Windsurfing brands there is.

A winning team of professional dedicated members are constantly working to innovation and design to bring out to the market only high performing products.

99 NoveNove

Established in 2008 with over 30 years of experience on the shoulders.

The NoveNove board collection is ranging from classical shapes to forward thinking innovative explorations to set new standards for what is possible and is supported by excellent board shapes and a team of professional riders.

The NoveNove board collection is ranging from classical shapes to forward thinking innovative explorations to set new standards for what is possible. 


flikkaThe seed of FLIKKA boards grew its first roots in 2001 when our shaper Luka Jureš linked his passion for windsurfing with enthusiasm for handwork and knowledge gathered from different custom boards workshops on Tenerife (Canary Islands), to make his first board ever in his home garage. From that moment on, his destiny was sealed: he started off by making boards for himself and his closest friends, but soon enough the word of outstanding quality of his boards got the windsurfing community buzzing.

Duo Boards

Inflatable comfort and hard tail performance in ONE board!

The concept exceeds any expectations in terms of having fun, being unbelievably relaxed, when moving around and travelling.

Never hesitate putting your board in the car and never miss an unexpected opportunity to get on the water for any session in wave or flat water.


Chinook has been designing and manufacturing innovative watersport equipment for over 25 years.

Chinook takes pride in USA design and manufacturing. This enables us to offer the best designed, best-built products available.

Chinook has diversified into other exciting water sports including SUP, wakeboarding, water-skiing, surfing, sailing, and kiteboarding. Our enthusiasm for these sports inspires us to design and produce products that add to the fun experienced by all.

What do we offer ?

Greater variety

Born from a long & ongoing passion for windsurfing.

The Big Blue is actively involved in bringing the most innovative & cutting edge European brands directly to the Australian Retailers and the public.

We take pride in our customer service and support as well our personal extensive sailing background which help us to provide better service, better buying guidance and overall better experience – getting you on the water quicker, with better results.

Greater buying power!

Our buying power, logistics, short supply chain & super flat organisation ensures all cutting edge gear is the most affordable and accessible for everyone.

We are the proud distribution partners of Point-7, Nove Nove, Duo Boards and Flikka Boards. We also retail I-fins, Patrik Boards and Chinook.

Nationwide dealers network

The Big Blue head-office is based in Melbourne. We service retailers and clients nation wide and bring you the most innovative range of windsurf gear via our network of agents. We regularly organize events to demo the gear.

Don’t compromise, buy smart and stand out on the water!

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