It might be the 10 years gift we worked for with all our team, and people who believed in Point-7: Thank you Matteo in first person who chose Point-7 for this!

Matteo Iachino last year decided to be part of the Point-7 project, and to join his friends, for this important goal in his life career.

After racing in different conditions in Korea, Spain, Canaries, Denmark, Germany and France, Matteo was able to put his Point-7 AC-One 3 times on the podium’s  top step.

Matteo was inspired by  his friend Alberto Menegatti, who was the first young rider to show, that with hard work, there was the possibility to make the way through the tough competition of the most experienced riders. After a long winter of training in the Canaries, understanding the potential of his gear, becoming confident on it, by keeping the continuous focus, by appreciating the support from his team, Matteo has reached this incredible mission. Matteo found himself straight away comfortable on the new gear and nothing could stop him to believe in victory.

Fantastic overall result also from our Argentinian Gonzalo Costa Hoevel who finishes in 7th position, and by our team Captain  Andrea Cucchi, in 9th.  3 Point-7 in the top 10 from the most prestigious slalom world ranking.  Point-7 has also dominated the PWA slalom sail constructor championship.

Matteo,  do you realize that you are slalom world champion ?
Not yet! It s a huge step in my life and I’m not completely understanding what I did!

How do you feel?
I feel like ….mmmm I can’t really describe!

What you do tomorrow?
Ahahah I’ll celebrate of course!

What you do in one week?
I’ll celebrate more!!

No more questions! We will come back to you as soon as you have enjoyed this moment of success and celebrations!


The goal we reached with Matteo it’s so big that it’s hard to believe. We have been working hard on the gear with the full Black Team, but how Matteo raced, was handled as a true champion. He never gave up even if he had a bad day. He knew how to keep the focus,  and do his job at 100%. I had the luck to caddy him in Fuerteventura, and I realized what  level and athlete there is inside him. I’m super happy for him and for us, and for Alberto who has showed all of us that this dream was possible. It’s 10 years that Point-7 is on the market,  and to be at the top in the most technical discipline ranking makes us proud. Racing is not about being judged, but about facts, that if you are the fastest, you are first. To see our Point-7 AC-One win the PWA World Championship title, to have 3 riders in the top 10, is a nice confirmation on the design project we have been working on in the last years. Behind the scenes, there are a lot of people working for this result. It’s not only about the racing team, but about anyone who believed in the brand, and at one point, gave their support. While I’m talking I can see many  faces from these people, and there are just too many to thank, but I know that each one of them knows who they are. Do not feel shy to think that you are part of the success! Thank you everyone!, Let’s party now, and work with more fun than ever, for more results and goals for the future.

Andrea Cucchi