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Who we are

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Born from a long & ongoing passion for windsurfing The Big Blue we decided to become active in bringing the most innovative & cutting edge European brands directly to the Australian public.

The Big Blue head-office is based in Melbourne. We advice and service clients Australia-wide. We operate a network of sales agents across the various states.

We represent world famous brands Point-7, iFins, Duo Boards, 99NoveNove, Chinook and Patrik Boards.

Our buying power, efficient logistics, short supply chain & flat organisation ensures our cutting edge gear is most affordable and accessible for everyone in Australia directly from us.

We regularly organize events to demo the gear.

Don’t compromise, buy smart and stand out on the water!

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What we do

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Besides getting innovative, high end gear to Australia so that you can buy local and enjoy having something unique!

We also help you to sell your old gear.

We have team-riders and local hero’s.

We run events and workshops


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