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Point-7 world slalom champion with Matteo Iachino video

It might be the 10 years gift we worked for with all our team, and people who believed in Point-7: Thank you Matteo in first person who chose Point-7 for this! Matteo Iachino last year decided to be part of the Point-7 project, and to join his friends, for this important goal in his life career. After racing in different conditions in Korea, Spain, Canaries, Denmark, Germany and France, Matteo was able to put his Point-7 AC-One 3 times on the podium’s  top step. Matteo was inspired by  his friend Alberto Menegatti, who was the first young rider to show, that with hard work, there was the possibility to make the way through the tough competition of the most experienced riders. After ...

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Maui adventures image

Since I’ve come here I have been asked the question ‘is it your first time in Maui?’ a lot of times, a question that for me kind of deserves a bit of an explanation so here it goes: I came to Maui once before in 2007 but I didn't sail in Hookipa back then, in fact the first time I ever saw a wave was in Maui, it was on my gap year after finishing High school. I vividly remember just sailing outside of the reef in Camp One and just being so impressed by the mountains of water! Not even the breaking waves of the reef, already just the swell was incredible to me. So yeah I went to ...

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