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2018 Freestyle Wave Ltd PRO



We still consider this line the most versatile shape on the market for freeriders looking to approach waves and jumps.

  • The full, flat oriented rockerline in the tail section offers immediate acceleration and glide with an unbelievable top speed.
  • A medium wide and balanced outline and a V double concave hull and an all-new rails shape have been designed for the feeling and manoeuvrability of a wave board, whilst staying very stable under the feet. This is achieved by shifting the maximum width forward for a better ride in the waves combined with rails that have more volume further forward for added buoyancy in non-wave conditions.
  • Construction : A PVC double sandwich, with double thickness in the most stressed areas combined with a full carbon/Innegra deck layup giving the boards the best compromise in terms of light weight, strength and durability.
  • Convertible fin set up on the two small sizes, the 86 and 95, for all-around wave usage or for freewave bump and jump sessions!
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Model Volume Length / Width Weight +/- 6% Fin Type Box Type Fins Sail Range
SW PRO 86 86 231×59 6.7 thruster convertible US Box + side Slot Box MFC TF/FW 21+10 3.5/6.0
SW PRO 95 95 233×61 7.0 thruster convertible Powerbox + side Slot Box MFC TF/FW 23+10 3.7/6.3
SW PRO 104 104 235×63 7.2 thruster convertible Powerbox + side Slot Box MFC TF/FW 23+10 4.0/6.8
SW PRO 113 113 236×65 7.5 singlefin Power Box MFC Freewave 30 4.2/7.0


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